Just a quick update

So the referral came through very quickly and I’m going to see a specialist at a big research hospital tomorrow!

Mildly terrifying.

I researched all the doctors and if I had placed a bet on which one I’d see, I would be rich.  I get to see the one I was hoping to see, which is nice. Unless she’s awful, which would be sad. But I don’t think she’ll be awful.

So tomorrow I’m leaving work early, hopping on a train, and going to the big city for to visit the comprehensive cancer center. This makes me sad on three counts: I’m missing work, I don’t like trains, and I don’t like cities. But I can do a half day instead of missing my whole shift, so that’s nice. Also my boss is one of the greatest people I know and didn’t even mind that I had to take off at the last minute.

“But what will you do with all that time sitting on the trains and in the waiting room and wherever else you have to sit and wait?” you ask. To which I reply, with characteristic brevity: “cross stitch.”

Please examine this fine* example of needlework in progress. Also, please give mental kudos to the awesome friend who ordered this kit for me, because it’s clearly brilliant.

* “Fine” compared to the needlework of an ostrich. I stab myself more than the fabric. But the ostriches are still figuring out how to hold a needle, so my penultimate place is probably secure for the time being.

Final things last: apparently some scientists recently discovered a new mammal called an olinguito which looks like it should be one of the combination animals from Avatar: The Last Airbender. In other words, it’s adorable. This has absolutely nothing to do with my cancer except that it is good for me to be reminded that a 21-year-old having a rare chronic blood cancer isn’t the only surprising thing left in the world.


One comment on “Just a quick update

  1. Krista Sperling says:

    What hospital are you going to?

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