A long-expected update*

*Not really. I just have a personal commitment to see that every potential Lord of the Rings reference shall not pass unnoticed.

Saw the specialist!

She was great. One of the best doctors I’ve ever seen.
Bummer though, I had to wait two hours between my appointment time and the actual time I saw the doctor.
Also, I didn’t even try to find the right building on the massive campus. I just walked into the first building I could find, marched up someone in a uniform, and said, “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m supposed to be in the Dooowa [that’s not the real name, but I gave it my best shot] building.” Cut me some slack, I don’t speak French. I studied German in school and I know about 10 Gaelic phrases, so I’m totally set for my tour of the Hebrides, whenever that happy day may come.

The guy was really nice about it. He told me where to go, I found the right office, and I proceeded to wait. Luckily I had a book and my cross stitch. Behold the finished product:


My Tolkien shelf has never looked better.

Anyway, I finally saw the doctor. I asked questions about things my regular oncologist/hematologist told me, and she was able to give me more information, on account of the fact that she is a specialist and she knows more about it. She helpfully explained that it’s possible I will develop scar tissue in the next 20 years, not inevitable. Some other complications will likely be less severe as well.

The specialist said we would probably wait to start chemo, because I’m not really in immediate danger. She explained that some doctors are in a hurry to start the chemo to lower the platelet count, but that it can be better to wait because of side effects. And she said something very awesome that is completely quote-worthy, in my opinion. She said, “Some doctors try to treat the numbers instead of treating the patient.” When the platelets are under a certain number, which mine are, it is apparently better to wait until it causes a problem instead of just trying to reach a target number of platelets.

She has to review some more of my tests and slides and whatnot, but the visit was very helpful. I feel so much better about the whole situation since talking with her. I’m so grateful God made a way for the referral to happen. He’s making the most of every opportunity to encourage me, and I’m overcome with thankfulness.
Also, on the subject of things that are great, thank you to everyone who is reading, and to the people who come up and tell me they’re reading. I appreciate it. I can’t even imagine if I had to relive the past few months alone. Nokay.

You, friends and readers, are great. I have bosses who accept and encourage “I had good news from the doctor” as positive feedback that impacts the whole team. I have parents who wait for hours with me in waiting rooms.  I have siblings who go book-hunting with me, who give me rides, who just hang out with me. I have friends who aren’t put off by the ridiculous number of cancer jokes/songs that I make up. I have Li’l Almond Cub, who doesn’t mind if I’m sad or grumpy occasionally. I am blessed beyond measure, friends. God has prepared a table for me in the midst of cancer. My cup runs over.


One comment on “A long-expected update*

  1. kurt bowerman says:

    Thanks Kelley!

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