Just one more test

This is a short report.
There will be a longer one soon.

My doctors aren’t sure what’s causing my chronic migraine headache problem. They aren’t sure why preventative medications aren’t helping. Since the ET makes me a high risk for blood clots, they want to be safe rather than sorry. So tomorrow I’m having an MRI/MRA, which is where they look at the blood vessels in my brain to make sure I’m not developing any blood clots.

Obviously I’m really hoping that I don’t have blood clots in my brain. If you could be praying that the test would clear me on that front, and potentially even help the doctors know how to treat me, I would really appreciate it. In other news, my last platelet count was the highest it has ever been, although not chemo level yet. So basically I haven’t been getting good health news lately.

I do have a piece of mildly good news to pass along, though. To the wonderful, patient people who have encouraged me in this area: I am writing poetry again (I feel like I have to mention this here because it’s been such a huge part of how I’ve dealt with my health problems over the past five years). Honestly, thank you so much. I haven’t felt like I had the capacity or even deserved to write poetry for a long time. I’m not George Herbert by a long chalk, but it’s one of the ways that God teaches me and it’s one of the ways that I pray. I’ve been afraid to write, and not writing for so long has been incredibly hard. This is yet another area of my life where God is teaching me to trust in His love rather than my fear. I definitely have a lot to learn, and writing is harder now than it was when I regularly practiced good writing patterns, but I have begun once more. So thank you. You are brilliant.


One comment on “Just one more test

  1. Becca says:

    I am brilliantly happy that you are writing poetry. 🙂

    I an less brilliantly happy about all the health news. My prayers are with you tomorrow for the MRI. Love you.

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