Back on track

I finally have a new cancer doctor! Oodelally!

On my patented and totally not just made up this second rating scale (comparing real doctors to fictional doctors from my favorite sci-fi shows, obviously; for example, my last cancer doctor was probably a Dr. McCoy–funny on tv, but I’d never actually want him to be the medical professional in charge of my healthcare), my new doctor is a straight up Carson Beckett. And we all know you can’t say better than that.

He’s nice, he’s smart, he asked me what I wanted my care to look like, and he literally said, “You have had this condition for two years, you’ve done research and you know what’s going on. I’m not going to explain the details to you again.” So I think it’s pretty safe to say that he’s not going to be treating me to lectures on the function of the stomach any time soon. Also, he is the first doctor I’ve had since this whole nonsense started who has expressed sympathy and understanding for the debilitating effects of living with chronic migraines, which was a welcome change from the usual, “oh, headaches. Okay.”

We went over my chart/history together, then he outlined his usual approach for treating ET (side note: he never once said how weird it was that I had ET or how uncomfortable he was treating someone my age, which did wonders for my confidence in his doctoring skills), and then he answered the roughly 1,000 questions I had to ask based on the nonsense my old doctor told me.

I actually got really good vibes from the cancer center as a whole, because all the receptionists and nurses were incredibly nice, which was not my previous experience, and all the patients who came in while I was in the waiting room had long personal chats with them and knew everybody, which I think is a good sign. In addition, they have a social worker whose whole job is just connecting with all the cancer patients to talk about financial concerns, mental health issues, family stuff, whatever. And when my meeting with the doctor was over, he introduced me to the cancer center’s New Patient Navigator, who was super sweet. Apparently her whole job is taking calls from new patients and answering their questions, instead of having them sit in the doctor’s inbox while he sees patients. She gave me her card and said, “I’m in the office right next to your doctor; just call me because I’m right there by the phone and can get you answers ASAP.”

So basically I wish that I could travel back in time to Freshman Year Kelley and tell her to go to this cancer center right from the get-go. Also to stop worrying about whether or not people thought she was a nerd. But lacking a freakish but awesome time travel accident, I’m just going to proceed full of gratitude that God has led me here now, and that I’m finally feeling a little optimistic about my future healthcare.

This has been especially good because I recently received a particularly brutal job rejection, which has honestly kind of wrecked me in the area of job-hunting. I don’t really know what to do at this point, because obviously the method by which I have applied for around 300 jobs since September is not working. So I’m praying very hard that God will give me some kind of direction in this situation. If you have any guaranteed advice for getting all the jobs, feel free to pass it along posthaste.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who has been praying that I would find a good doctor. Your prayers have been answered! Once my blood tests come back I’ll have some idea of what direction things will be going in the near future. So yes, thank you for being constant and faithful in prayer and encouragement! Our God is good.


4 comments on “Back on track

  1. Deana Sulwer says:

    Hi…Deana Sulwer here. I’M friends with your mom…taught Lindsey in 5th at Covenant Christian…home schooled together…can share more if you want…:)
    I’M praying abd following your messages. You are doing everything very well! I love that you research; I hope you’remember looking into who listing help, too. Everyone days APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is good for just about everything!
    As for jobs…what are your limitations? Hospitality is a great job…I was a concierge; most sit behind a desk. Is that an option for you?
    Is working at a hospital or doc or dentist office an option? Do you need part time? Do you know someone who works from home and could use an assistant? My brother is a realtor, works from home and has a couple of assistants. Maybe work in an assisted living home…my family; sis mainly works as a helper for my deaf/blind aunt. Thinking there may be other families who could use a helper…no lifting, but basically a friend/advocate.
    Hope these are helpful, Kelly! ♡

  2. Nina Babcock says:

    Kelley, it really did my heart good, as I know it did yours, to receive all this positive instruction about you and the cancer issues. Prayers answered for sure!

  3. Its so nice to hear about the Dr. you found! How awesome to be treated as an individual who has some smarts too! 🙂 We will continue to pray for more good news and for the Lord to help with your migraines. You are on our hearts and in our prayers often. Love you

  4. Betty goewey says:

    We will never doubt that God has a plan for us. I thank Him for all He is doing for you. GG

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