A Small and Passing Thing

I’ve had a really difficult week. Between packing for a move and working 9 consecutive days for new student orientation events and dealing with the usual uncertainty and general painfulness of cancer, I’ve been trying to keep my head above water.

I haven’t handled this week’s nonsense with particular grace. I’ve been really angry about some deeply negative interactions I’ve had with customers and coworkers. I’ve been frustrated with the limitations of my health. It’s been a constant struggle to find the balance that I need to survive.

But I’ve also been so aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence in my soul this week. The conviction and the comfort have been so swift and so clear, and I can only thank God.

Because He knows exactly what I need, even when I’m bound in pain and anger and exhaustion. And today He gave me a Psalm 23-style overflowing cup of His love and provision. He gave me this song–by Andrew Peterson, who can write songs like none other–and it was life to me.


The Holy Spirit got me out of bed this morning, and church was a feast of good things. It was one of those days when you start to get a bit paranoid wondering if the readings and proclamation are directed right at you, until you remember that the lectionary was set a long time ago and God’s just incredible like that.

He showers me with undeserved grace and love. He gives me rest and comfort in the community of believers, even though I continue to do the things I ought not to do and do not do the things I ought to do. He has promised the hope of eternity, and the redemption of all this brokenness.

The best is yet to come.


I had a dream that I was waking
At the burning edge of dawn,
And all that rain had washed me clean.
All the sorrow was gone.

I had a dream that I was waking
At the burning edge of dawn,
And I could finally believe
The king had loved me all along.

I had a dream that I was waking
At the burning edge of dawn.
I saw the sower in the silver mist
And He was calling me home.

-Andrew Peterson


One comment on “A Small and Passing Thing

  1. Nina Babcock says:

    Dear Kelley I love you so very much! I hate it that you are experiencing these difficulties and as every mother, grandma, friend, if we could take this from you without hesitation we would. As you so know that God gives strength when there seems no other way…darkest in the storm, just believe. hugs sent along the way to you today…

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