Quick update

Hi friends! I’ll be writing in more detail when I’m reunited with my computer, but I’m forever grateful for prayers, so here goes.

On Tuesday I went to the ER with some chest pain and shortness of breath, combined with a brutal migraine. I was admitted to the hospital because my platelet count is back up over 2 million.

I’ve started chemo and I also had my first round of platelet apheresis, which is were they run all your blood through a machine that splits off the extra platelets into an IV bag. It takes about 3 hours, and I’ve had a temporary catheter placed in my neck. Currently the plan is for me to do apheresis again on Thursday and Friday, then be discharged.


Hopefully that continues to be the plan, because I’m already tired of being in the hospital and the catheter is very uncomfortable.

I’m anxious about stuff at work and I just don’t know what is going to happen for me chemo-wise, but my friends and family are as always the best. Visiting, praying, bringing me a squishmallow owl, and taking care of my birds while I’m hospitalized.

The squishiest owl that has ever existed.

If you are willing, please pray that the doctors will actually let me go on Friday, because I really don’t want to be here for Christmas. And please pray that I will respond well to the medication.

Have a merry Christmas and thanks for your prayers!


One comment on “Quick update

  1. Nina C Babcock says:

    Prayers are forthgoing! Love you!

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