Chemo Update

Here is what has happened cancer-wise since my hospitalization:

So I was taking two doses of chemo every day. I felt really sick and lost some weight because the only thing I could eat before 3 pm was oatmeal. After several weeks it became apparent that the dosage was not working, as my platelet count had doubled up again. The oncologist bumped me up to chemo three times a day. I felt even worse. I had nosebleeds every day and my mouth would bleed profusely every time I brushed my teeth. I developed petechiae all over my legs, which are these little red specks under your skin where your capillaries have broken.

I went in for labs and it turns out that the chemo worked too well, because my white and red blood cell counts, as well as my platelet count, were all well below the number a person should have. The chemo targets blood cells, and it’s very imprecise about which type of blood cell it destroys.

So I was on hold with the chemo for about a month while my counts recovered. The oncologist recently started me back up at only 2 doses per day, since my white and red cell counts had just barely returned to the bottom of the normal range and my platelets were back to double the amount a normal person should have.

I have labs scheduled at the end of March to see how my blood is doing. I’ve been throwing up a lot and I had a little nosebleed on Friday, but I’m trying not to freak out prematurely. I’m taking 2,000 mg of chemo every day so there are bound to be some side effects.

I’m having a really difficult time. I keep trying to write about it but I still don’t really know how to communicate the emotional and spiritual aspects of this whole cancer thing, especially since my hospitalization. All I can say is that God is faithful even when I am not, and that He has richly blessed me with my family and my friends, who endlessly put up with me and care for me and pray for me. Some of them even make me amazing original ET art.


The best custom cancer card in the history of art. Obviously.

Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement!



One comment on “Chemo Update

  1. Judy Larson says:

    I will pray for you this morning.

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